Coconut Ice lollies and the statutory law of Attraction

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The Secret was released way back in 2006 and possibly the biggest thing that many people remember you sit up and take notice about it is when John Assaraf managed to manifest his dream house; that has to make.

But even though I’m a convert and I know it works I still get a real buzz every time it does so we thought I’d share the story of my experience that is latest of it.

When the glorious spell of weather we are currently experiencing started a few weeks back my thoughts turned to summer clothes ,summer holidays and summer foods! I love the foods particularly. Sunny weather makes me think of brightly juices that are coloured chicken Caesar salads, and delicious sorbets and ice creams .

When the sunny spell began this year my mind was filled with memories of a specific type of coconut ice lolly I was working at the time that I used to buy many years ago in a small independent store in Ealing where. The shop had stopped selling the lollies and we hadn’t seen them once again in over 12 years!

As the days progressed we thought more and more about this much treat that is missed. Oh I know Ben and Jerrys do coconut ice-cream and I’m sure its delicious but my taste and heart buds had been set on a coconut ice-lolly with real fruit and nothing else would do. I’ll be honest I was getting rather obsessed by the idea.

About five days after the warm weather spell had started I had to go into central London to St James’s Church in Piccadilly to check out the meeting room I’ve booked for my Create Your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop on June 18th.

As London looks so gorgeous in the sun and we love the certain area around Piccadilly and Oxford Street I thought I would walk up to Selfridges do some window shopping. I popped in and out of shops enjoying all the peacock that is bright that summer brings and loving the feel of the sunlight on my face. After an hour or as I had a telephone coaching session booked for 5pm so i started towards Marble Arch Tube so I decided I needed to start making a move towards home .

I happened to turn to my right and see a woman standing by a stall selling cans of pop and ice lollies as I walked past the corner of Debenhams and was waiting to cross the road. All of a sudden I did a double take my head almost swivelling 360 degrees;on a small sign written in scrawled green handwriting were the language Coconut Ice-lolly £1.40 .

We straight away approached the merchant, probably grinning insanely and asked her if she had any left. She opened the freezer and rummaged through the contents a small forming that is frown her tanned face. Things didn’t look good when suddenly she smiled gave a slight nod and triumphantly pulled out what switched out to function as the last coconut lolly she had. I handed her my money and held the prized item in my hand for a millisecond before ripping the packaging off.

We couldn’t hang about as I didn’t want my prize to melt. As I walked down to Marble Arch ice lolly in hand and mouth I felt wonderful. It was delicious, everything I remembered and more.

Coconut Ice lollies and the statutory law of Attraction Ok I did not manifest a house but to me it was absolute proof that what you think about you can indeed bring about! .

Here are some tips for effective manifestation

1) Get really clear about what you want -Be precise If you would like a new car don’t just focus on “a car” get detailed! Pick a make colour and model-think about the trim the seating the engine size

2) Create a visualisation that is compelling you use a vision board or create a vision in your mind make it one that really attracts you and picture yourself enjoying whatever it is you want to manifest .

3) Try to get some experience of the thing. You want just so you connect even more with the experience of having it if you have a car or house in mind arrange a test drive,or go to a viewing of the type of house . It shall really add energy to your visualisation.

4) benefit from the visualisation and act as if you have it already -as if there was never any doubt that it would come to you for you have attracted it easily and effortlessly into your life.

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