Coconut Ice lollies and the statutory law of Attraction

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The Secret was released way back in 2006 and possibly the biggest thing that many people remember you sit up and take notice about it is when John Assaraf managed to manifest his dream house; that has to make.

But even though I’m a convert and I know it works I still get a real buzz every time it does so we thought I'd share the story of my experience that is latest of it.

When the glorious spell of weather we are currently experiencing started a few weeks back my thoughts turned to summer clothes

Diabesity, The Next Global Epidemic

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Pre-diabetes, Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance Syndrome – all these conditions are the same, in the sense, all of them have the same fundamental cause that is underlying that is, the elevated blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance of the cells. Insulin normally pushes the sugar inside the cell but in insulin resistance this is impaired and the severity of this defect varies. Diabesity, The Next Global Epidemic The term diabesity covers all the above diagnoses and is a health problem involving metabolic imbalance which may range from mild blood sugar im